Our Mission



We recognize the importance of caring for your


entire family, from one generation to the next,


because past history often relates very closely


to current problems. It also helps us get to


know you better as an individual, by learning


about your family.


We will provide a wide range of medical care


for you and your family including sick visits,


management of chronic medical conditions,


health maintenance or preventative (wellness)


exams, including gynecological exams, sports


physicals, and school physicals.


We will work with you to take care of your body,


mind, and spirit by giving you the information


you need and helping you decide which


treatments are right for you.


We will be good listeners. This allows us to be


caring and compassionate and offer you the


highest level of service.


We will schedule our appointments in order to


minimize your waiting and allow ample time to


discuss your medical issues.


We will continue to attend educational seminars


annually. We believe that education is vitally


important and allows us to continue bringing


you the most current medical care available.


If needed, we will refer you to specialists that


we like and trust.